First steps

Once you have downloaded a binary package or built from source, you can start Factor as follows:

  • Mac OS X: Double-click Factor.app or run open Factor.app in a Terminal to start the UI; run ./factor in the Terminal to start a command-line listener
  • Windows: Double-click factor.exe, or run .\factor.com in a command prompt, to start the Factor UI
  • Unix: Run ./factor in a shell to start the Factor UI if $DISPLAY is set, otherwise start a command line listener

For more details, see Running Factor.

Taking the plunge

Explore further

Reference documentation

The Factor environment includes extensive reference documentation. The best way to read the documentation is in the Factor UI; press F1 in the UI listener to open the help browser tool. You can also browse the documentation online at http://docs.factorcode.org. Important subsections on the above site:

More resources

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