Scaffold tool


  • 2009-07-14: Some of the following is not quite right. scaffold-vocab does not create a test suite stub, and an author file is only created iff developer-name has been set.

The scaffold tools help automate the process of creating proper Factor workspaces for development.

First, incorporate the Scaffold tools in your environment and instruct them to create a workspace for new development.

USE: tools.scaffold
"resource:work" "my-cool-project" scaffold-vocab

These commands will instruct Factor to create an initial source file for your work, as well as an initial stub for a test suite, and an author file. The "resource:work" element refers Factor to the canonical work location (usually in the Factor root directory called work.)

In fact, if you add the following to your .factor-rc the authors.txt and source files will magically insert your name in the appropriate places for you:

USING: namespaces tools.scaffold ;
"My Name" \ developer-name set-global

You can edit any of the files produced by the call to scaffold-vocab by clicking on them. You can also bring the file up in the editor manually:

P" resource:work/my-cool-project/my-cool-project.factor" edit-file

Note: This assumes you have configured the Editor integration.

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