Elymas, created by Drahflow, was built after he was missing APL features in C/C++ but was too lazy to create a parser for his new language.

The uppermost design assumption was: The programmer is right. And lazy.

Hence, many things which are invalid expressions in other languages do have a meaning in Elymas.

Notable features (general stack-based goodness omitted):

  • short and general stack reordering via [{ - }], e.g. [{ -021 }] will order a, b, c as c, a, b
  • creates stand-alone ELF binaries from closures
  • generalized APL like implicit loops for scalar functions (also works over dictionaries, trees and other functions)
  • self hosting via [{ { "/proc/self/fd/0" include }' "interpreter" sys .freeze }]
  • regex engine written in the language itself (and actually part of the [{include}] function)
  • coroutines

Homepage: https://github.com/Drahflow/Elymas

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