8th is a Forth derivative language, designed for cross-platform applications development and security. It is a commercially-licensed product, with both free and paid versions.

The syntax is more similar to Reva Forth than to ANS Forth (since 8th's author is also the author of Reva Forth), but with a number of distinguishing features.

  • First, unlike other Forths, 8th does not have a "CREATE ... DOES>" construct.
  • Second, it does not provide direct access to the system memory or to an assembly language.
  • Third, it has a rather extensive type system, including dynamically resized strings, "objects" (the equivalent of "maps" or "associative arrays" in other languages) and many other built-in types.
  • Fourth, all required libraries are built-in (GUI support, crypto etc).
  • Finally, it uses JSON to describe data. So for example,
{ "one" : "this is number one" }

describes an object with the key "one" and value "this is number one".

8th currently supports desktop (Windows, OS X and Linux), mobile (Android and iOS), embedded (Raspberry Pi and similar ARM-Linux) and server (Linux) systems, using the same code.

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