Factor/GSoc/2010/Algorithms and Data Structures


Add algorithms such as, for example, the boyer moore fast string (subsequence) searching, and generally any algorithm that proves to be very useful or that applies to widely used code.

many algorithms may prove to be valuable, and many are tried and proven already.

Same thing for data structures.

It is believed that when a developer has the right set of words to describe the problem the solution may also be elegant as a consequence. (domain specific language).

There are many data structures, that may provide this edge.

and Factor, by being so flexible, allows words to have a natural feeling, with very small overhead.

This could be a beginner level entry, and allows the student to learn about programming in Factor, and computer science ideas over the last few decades.

The user may also examine coding contests, like ICFP, so as to learn from mistakes and see which decisions were good for a certain domain.

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