Factor/To do/Static stack safety


  • make with-datastack not use callcc
  • call( and execute( should behave like call and execute if quotation or word is literal
  • increment definition count when words are redefined
  • execute(: its unsound with word redefinition, fix it
  • errors on nth, etc should not break system
  • the effect is set at word construction time!
  • add SYNTAX:
  • faster call( for static quotations: cache stack effect in quotation, curry, compose, together with a definition count
  • make call( slow case use something faster than with-datastack
  • make everything in core infer (just the parser now?)
  • move call( and execute( into core
  • remove assert-depth
  • add inline cache for call(
  • every word has a stack effect
  • assert-depth should infer}]

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