Factor/To do/Docs

  • rethink handbook organization
  • clarify stack-checker and compiler errors docs; add a summary with a bullet-point list of 'why doesn't my code infer?'


  • help lint: flag words which are not classes but have a $class-description
  • document decode-input, encode-output
  • more prominent mention of image saving
  • document how factor UI modifiers map to native modifiers
  • document gesture handling differences
  • document graft/ungraft idiom for GL resources
  • document words.
  • with-ui is undocumented
  • document that macro expansions cannot involve lambdas
  • This should be a help article: http://factor-language.blogspot.com/2008/05/ssltls-support-added.html
  • document locals in literals feature
  • document see-methods
  • document io.encodings.string
  • . and pprint: add a warning about large objects
  • mention help word, and C+S+h more prominently in cookbook

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