Factor/GSoC/2010/Remote listener and inspector apps


Slava Pestov

Required skills

Skills that will be required, or acquired during the course of the project:

  • Knowledge of the Furnace framework
  • Knowledge of Factor's developer tools and reflection APIs
  • Knowledge of IPC on Unix and Windows
  • Knowledge of HTTP, HTML, CSS (for a web interface)

Technical overview

The Factor UI development tools could be enhanced to work on remote Factor instances, in addition to operating on their own running Factor instance. This would have many possible applications:

  • The development environment could be isolated from potential crashes caused by unsafe applications
  • The development tools could be used for interactive development of Factor apps running on ports to embedded or mobile platforms that lack the ability to run a full development interface natively
  • Web-based versions of the inspector and listener could be implemented, providing a nice no-download-necessary introduction to Factor, similar to http://tryruby.hobix.com/.
  • The development environment could be attached to deployed Factor applications that have had the development tools stripped out of their own Factor image

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