Factor/GSoC/2009/Work on Furnace


Slava Pestov

Skills required

  • Knowledge of HTTP, HTML, CSS
  • Graphical design skills

Technical outline

Factor has a unique web framework called Furnace, built on top of Factor's custom HTTP server. The library is high-level and robust but relatively underdeveloped at the moment. Possible improvements include

Work on the authentication system

The authentication system is currently not as flexible as it should be, and this should be fixed.


There should be a framework for letting templates be internationalized. That is, text strings should come from resource files which are locale-specific, not from the structural template of the page.


The performance of the web framework should be maximized. Paths to greater performance include optimizing the HTTP server and modifying the web framework so that it is compatible with the optimizing compiler.

Benefit to student

The student will learn about web development and API design.

Benefit to community

Factor will be more suitable for web development.


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