Factor/GSoC/2009/Windows Unicode font rendering


Slava Pestov



Skills required

  • Knowledge of Unicode
  • Knowledge of the Win32 API
  • Knowledge of Factor's UI toolkit

Technical outline

Factor has Uniscribe bindings in basis/windows/. This needs to be hooked up with the ui.text API, namely the following operations need to be implemented:

  • rendering a piece of text to a DC
  • getting text width, height, baseline, cap height and x-height (last two optional)
  • getting font ascent, descent, cap height, x-height (all optional but nice)
  • convert x offset to code point number and vice versa

The following vocabularies are useful to look at:

  • core-text
  • core-text.fonts
  • ui.text
  • ui.text.core-text

Helpful links

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