Factor/GSoC/2009/Input methods support


Slava Pestov

Skills required

  • Knowledge of Unicode
  • Familiarity with the APIs of Windows, OS X, or Linux

Technical outline

For languages like English, character input works in the Factor UI, because the input method is simple. However, for languages like Chinese, the input method is more complicated and it is not yet supported. Inputting Chinese usually involves interactive popups. We don't intend to build these in Factor, but we intend to have a binding to OS-specific APIs so that Chinese can be input into the Factor UI's editor widget. On top of the OS-specific APIs, we need a cross-platform high-level API for input methods.

Benefit to student

The student learns about internationalization and interfacing with various operating systems.

Benefit to community

Users of Factor desktop applications will benefit if they require one of these more complicated input methods.

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