Editor integration

Factor provides support for interacting with your text editor of choice (assuming a suitable edit hook has been written.) Hooks have been written for jEdit, VIM, Emacs, Scite and a number of others. See the source code in basis/editors for more details.

Editing Source

You can enable editor support in the Factor workspace by using the appropriate editor hook. For example, to add support for the VIM, you could source the following (or add it to your .factor-rc file):

USING: namespaces editors.gvim ;
"/opt/local/bin/gvim" \ gvim-path set-global

You must use namespace to get access to the set-global word. editors.gvim contains the gvim-specific hooks for editing. Note that the gvim-path word is escaped, so that we change its value, rather than the name it holds.

If you restart Factor with this ~/.factor-rc file (factor-rc on windows), executing the following statements will cause gvim to open the file containing the word definition:

USE: demos
\ demos edit

Other examples can be found in the on line documentation under the edit ( defspec -- ) definition.

Setup for Other Editors

Emacs Integration

Emacs Integration on OS X

Jump to error location

If a syntax error was thrown while loading a source file, you can jump to the location of the error in your editor using the :edit word.

VIM Mode

The factor source tree, in misc/vim, has syntax highlighting and file type detection and so on.

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