lviv ( is a concatenative language that is heavily influenced by LISP.

The idea was to have a very regular syntax that was 100% postfix notation without requiring a modal interpreter and with a minimal number of special forms. This means that everything, including lambda, define, if, and let use postfix notation.

The name comes from the city of Lviv, where Jan Lukasiewicz was born. Lukasiewicz invented prefix or "Polish" notation to simplify the syntax of sentential logic; later, Burks, Warren, and Wright (and even later Bauer and Dijkstra) proposed postfix, or "reverse Polish" notation as a good fit for stack based machines.

lviv is written in Scheme. It's possible that it will compile in a bunch of different Scheme environments, but I use Gambit-C Scheme v4.6.1 for development, so I don't guarantee that it'll work in any other scheme interpreter or compiler.

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