Setting up a Windows compilation environment

You will need:


(Edit away if it's not the right version)



Don't forget to copy libintl3.dll from the gnuwin32/bin package into the same directory that you put make.exe

setting the path for git and make:

as administrator, right click My Computer -> properties -> Advanced -> environment variables -> find 'path' in the lower pane.

double click it and add "; path-to-binary-folder-of-git; path/to/make; ... "

you'd also need the boost library

(it's kind of large)

put it in a path like this: C:\MinGW\include\c++\3.4.5\boost

Next, run git-bash.bat

cd to the factor repository and type: make winnt-x86-32

Hurray! it should now start compiling.

after it finishes, you'll need to bootstrap.

Alternatively (instead of make, bootstrap) you can run ./build-support/ update winnt-x86-32

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