Emacs Integration

Emacs on Windows

This should be readily adaptable for other operating systems but since I've just gone through the task of getting this working on Windows XP I thought I would document the result.

emacs.factor Modification

First, as of this date (11/16/2008) the basis/editors/emacs/emacs.factor that ships needs a slight modification. Slava is aware of this so presumably this won't be necessary soon, but you might want to check.

basis/editors/emacs/emacs.factor modified:

USING: definitions io.launcher kernel parser words sequences math
math.parser namespaces editors make system ;
IN: editors.emacs

: emacsclient ( file line -- )
        \ emacsclient get "emacsclient" or ,
        os windows? [ "--no-wait" , ] unless
        "+" swap number>string append ,
    ] { } make try-process ;

: emacs ( word -- )
    where first2 emacsclient ;

[ emacsclient ] edit-hook set-global

Note: the addition of system to the USING list and the check for non-windows for the "--no-wait" option for emacs.

Customize emacs

Add the following to your /.emacs or other appropriate startup location:

;;; Factor
(load-file "d:/Program Files/factor/misc/factor.el")
(setq factor-binary "d:/Program Files/factor/factor.exe")
(setq factor-image "d:/Program Files/factor/factor.image")'

Be sure to change the paths appropriately of course.

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