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This is the Concatenative language wiki at This Wiki is under construction. There will be a big announcement once everything is more stable; for now, please don't announce this wiki on any community web sites.

Please start adding content by all means, just read the Etiquette page first. New content should reference existing sources where possible. Also, try to avoid simply summarizing existing content. For example, instead of giving us a one-paragraph summary of a register allocation algorithm, give us a link to the original paper which explains it in detail, and then do a write-up explaining how it compares to existing work instead.

Even though there are many wikis out there already, we decided to create this one because we wanted to focus specifically on concatenative programming. Also, we wanted to convert some of the content from the Factor website into a wiki format, to make it more dynamic and easier to edit.

This wiki also serves as a showcase of the Factor web framework, Furnace. The HTTP server is written entirely in Factor and supports HTTPS via the OpenSSL binding. The Farkup markup language is implemented with Parsing expression grammars, and the Furnace framework provides a reusable login and authentication system, as well as session management, form validation, and XHTML templates.

Most of the articles are still stubs. We will need your help in fleshing them out!

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