Factor/Build farm

The Factor project uses Continuous integration to help avoid regressions and ensure that all code works across a variety of platforms.

We maintain a set of "build servers" running various CPU/OS combinations. Some are actual machines, others are VMs running on a couple of larger quad-core boxes. The build servers monitor our GIT repository as well as the latest Boot images for changes, then bootstrap Factor, run all tests, and upload packages if everything passes.

The build machines run the mason vocabulary. This is a fork of the builder vocabulary. builder was written by Eduardo Cavazos, and mason is currently maintained by Slava Pestov.

If you wish to be notified of build server activity, subscribe to the mailing list.

Build reports

To find the latest build report for some platform in the Downloads "Development release" grid, click on a date, and then the "Latest build report" link at bottom. A working build will have benchmark information.


The build farm dashboard displays which build machines are down right now. It can also be used by those who have access to force builds and make releases.

Binary packages

Binaries are only uploaded if the source builds and all tests pass.

Clean branches

Additionally, every time a release was made, the clean branch for the platform in question is updated and a corresponding clean boot image is uploaded. The GIT repository article describes how to build from a clean branch.

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