The Factor web framework is called Furnace. It is found in the furnace vocabulary.

01:57 < dnm> furnace?
01:57 < doublec> factor web framework
01:57 < doublec> it's the hottest thing in web development...

Learning Furnace

Furnace is fully documented; see http://docs.factorcode.org/content/article-furnace.html.

Some blog posts about Furnace:

Related wiki articles:


Some simple Furnace examples to look at are the following vocabularies in extra:

  • webapps.counter
  • webapps.calculator
  • webapps.ip

Some of the applications in webapps, such as webapps.wiki, do not provide their own CSS stylesheet or database configuration. As such, they need the common configuration from websites.concatenative to function.

Saving images

In a fresh Factor image, USE: furnace will take a long time because many vocabularies have to be loaded and compiled. To speed up this process, you can save an image with save-image, for example:

USE: furnace
"web.image" save-image

As stated above, html, http, syndication, xml, db, urls and validators vocabularies will also be compiled since furnace depends on them. You can only load the web.image by using the "-i" command-line switch from a shell, for example:

./factor -i=web.image

Note that an image cannot be "loaded" from the Factor GUI, as the GUI is actually run from the default factor.image.

Related projects

Furnace was primarily inspired by three Java web frameworks:

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