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Q: How are hashes implemented in Factor? Generically, how can hashes be implemented efficiently within a language where the principle data structure is a stack?

I've added an answer to Develop.

Q: how do I inspect the source code of a word?

  • - metaperl

Q: If I were going to create a series of vocabularies based around text, is there hierarchy support? e.g. text.lorem, text.leetspeak, text.balanced

or should they have just underscores in their name? textlorem

A: there's hierarchy support. USE: foo.bar loads foo/bar/bar.factor

Q: Say I have '5' on the stack, and I want to create a sequence { 1 x 3 } and place 5 where the x is, what's the best way to do this?

slava: 5 1 swap 3 3array

slava: or 5 :> x { 1 x 3 }

slava: prunedtree would suggest something like 5 1array { 1 } { 3 } surround [ ] map

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