Factor/To do/GC

  • promote objects to tenured after a certain number of collections (or in some other way improve generational strategy because aging space thrashes)
  • incremental gc
  • Distant future: parallel GC, concurrent GC

If we go with immix, here's the plan:

  • Implement mark-sweep(-compact), which will be used for the large object space (necessary since immix can't handle large objects)
  • Implement a mark-region collector without evacuation or lines for small objects
  • Implement evacuation
  • Implement lines


  • id-hashcode
  • mark/sweep for oldest generation--what kind of compaction should be used?
  • - plain old mark-compact
  • - the compressor
  • - mark-copy
  • - Immix
  • Card marking for parts of arrays
  • card marking for code heap to speed up collect_literals

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