Factor/GIT repository

Building Factor from source is the recommended way to get Factor if you want to track development, because it saves bandwidth over downloading a binary every few days. It is also a requirement for contributors who wish to push patches to the Factor repository. New users and casual dabblers should use binaries if possible instead, to save time and effort.

In particular, setting up the GNU tool chain on Windows can take some effort, so Windows users are encouraged to use Factor binaries instead.

Browse repository

You can browse the GIT repository online at http://github.com/slavapestov/factor/ or http://gitweb.factorcode.org/.

Cloning a repository

You will need to install git first. Once you have installed git, you can clone a copy of the Factor repository:

git clone git://factorcode.org/git/factor.git

Cloning from behind a restrictive corporate firewall:

git clone http://factorcode.org/git/factor.git

Building Factor

See Building Factor.

Running Factor

See Running Factor.

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