Factor (http://factorcode.org) is an expressive, fast and full-featured Concatenative language invented by Slava Pestov. The Factor implementation is released under a BSD license and runs on most common platforms.

Factor has been in development for more than five years, with a strong focus on practical programming all the way through; it began as a scripting language for a game. Factor has a small but friendly and vibrant community, and it is easy to learn.


External resources:

  • Wikipedia article about Factor
  • Search: docs ; wiki ; factorcode.org ; comp.lang.factor.general , aka? factor-talk@sf (or via google); combined wiki+factorcode.org using gigablast .
  • (There doesn't currently seem a way to search all three of wiki, factorcode, and list archive? Few search engines allow multi-site restrictions. Gigablast does, but doesn't index the gmane archive. It does mail-archive, but can't restrict it to "factor-talk", while leaving the other sites unrestricted. And its copy of docs.factorcode seems old or incomplete (no hits for "lambda"). The underlying problem with searching is "factor" as a language name. It has a very high rate of false positives on programming-related searches. For example, searching for "factor lambda" is useless compared to "python lambda" or "forth lambda". Or "factor call site optimization" vs "ruby call site optimization". This is a problem. But as the language name seems unlikely to change(?), we use search link kludges).

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