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This is the Concatenative language wiki at This Wiki is still under construction. You can start adding content if you want, but we're still trying to keep things a bit quiet here until everything is debugged. There will be a big announcement and so on once everything is more stable. For now, please don't announce this wiki on any community web sites; it is here so that the #concatenative crowd can test it before it goes live.

If you're willing to put up with some bugs, feel free to add content, just read the Etiquette page first. New content should reference existing sources where possible. Also, try to avoid simply summarizing existing content. For example, instead of giving us a one-paragraph summary of a register allocation algorithm, give us a link to the original paper which explains it in detail, and then do a write-up explaining how it compares to existing work instead.

Most of the articles are still stubs. We will need your help in fleshing them out one this site is live!

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This wiki is written in Factor and is hosted on a Linode virtual server.

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