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This is the Concatenative language wiki at This Wiki is under construction.


The goal of this wiki is to collect information about the family of concatenative languages. We are interested in both theoretical results, and practical programming advice. Information about any concatenative language is welcome here. We want to bring together disparate language communities and build a common knowledge repository that people can consult to learn more about this family of languages.

Content about non-concatenative languages, and computer science in general, can also be added here; some topics, such as compiler design, developer tools, and meta-programming are of interest to concatenative language users, and other topics relative to concatenative languages in one way or another. For the most part, we want to avoid duplicating existing content; articles about topics other than concatenative programming should probably consist mostly of links.

Many of the articles are still stubs. We will need your help in fleshing them out!


This wiki was built with the Factor web framework, Furnace. The HTTP server is written entirely in Factor and supports HTTPS via the OpenSSL binding. The Farkup markup language is implemented with Parsing expression grammars, and the Furnace framework provides a reusable login and authentication system, as well as session management, form validation, and XHTML templates. Finally, our DB library is used to persist all state to a relational database.

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