Factor/To do/Builder

  • uploads may time out
  • git operations may time out
  • no e-mail is sent if downloading boot image fails
  • if git pull or upload fails, send e-mail; never print errors to the console only
  • don't delete test-log if factor crashes
  • include benchmark time in report
  • subject line should have more info:
  • if 'error', it should say boot error, test error, etc
  • if 'report' it should say whether it was clean or not
  • if all vocabs load and tests pass, but factor crashes while running benchmarks, builder uploads a binary. this is not good
  • milli-seconds>time, maybe-tail: can be reimplemented using existing words
  • if builder is killed and restarted, it doesn't start a fresh build if there are no git patches available
  • help lint failures and compiler errors should be release blockers
  • if git pull succeeds and downloading the boot image fails, builder thinks everything is up to date and doesn't build until patches are pushed again

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